A-Z Guide- How To Start A WordPress Blog

So, you want to start a blog?

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t?. Could be you don’t know where to start. Or perhaps, you know what to do but don’t know how to do it. Or you just need a little hand holding to get going on planning, setting up, and running a blog. I documented everything. From brainstorming for a domain name to launching the website and everything in-between. Here’s what you’ll learn:

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In a moment, I’m going to show you a general framework you can follow to start a profitable blog from scratch.

But first, let’s jump into the specifics of how to make real money blogging, including real-world examples you can study and learn from from this eBook.

When you know the step-by-step formula you need to follow to make money with your blog, you can relax and work one step at a time until you finish. It takes time and effort, but the money that you make once your revenue stream is set up is SO worth it.


I decided to make these books available to all my students both new and old, Beginners and Experts. One thing is to create a blog and the main thing is to earn from it.

To date, I’ve made lot of cash blogging in niches like relationship, lifestyle, news and entertainment, consulting, and a bunch of others. In addition to building income producing blogs for myself, I help people like you copy my proven formula and make consistent reliable income online so you can work at home, be your own boss, and spend more time doing what you love (just like I do).

Before I made my first N900,000 from blogging I had a normal 5-3 job as an accountant and IT.

I would fight traffic every morning in Lagos before relocating to Asaba, Delta state, come into the office and pour myself a cup of nasty coffee and then sit at my desk to do the same thing every day.

It wasn’t until I mastered blogging I was able to escape the 5-3 grind and achieve financial freedom. Now I work when I want, where I want, how I want with no boss and plenty of time for friends and family.

When my blog income surpassed my day job income and I quit my job, it caught the attention of my friends, family, and co-workers.

Ever since then, more people have been asking me how to successfully blog, so I came to Successful Blogging to help new bloggers shorten their learning curve, so they don’t have to flounder for months (or years!) trying to figure out the steps to success on their own.

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Do you want to start a WordPress blog the right way? We know that starting a blog can be a terrifying thought specially when you are not geeky. Guess what – you are not alone. Having helped over 400,000+ users create a blog, we have decided to create the most comprehensive guide on how to start a WordPress blog without any technical knowledge.




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Do you want to increase page views and reduce bounce rate in WordPress? Users who stay on your site longer and view more pages are more likely to join your email list, leave a comment, make a purchase, follow you on social media, and more.

James Evans

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How to Add Featured Images or Post Thumbnails in WordPress

bi-weekly practice

Featured images also known as post thumbnails are a well-known WordPress feature supported by most themes. They are the primary image for your blog posts, and they often appear next to the heading on your home page and social media. All popular WordPress themes come with built-in support for featured images.



Need Help?

Answers to Some of the most common blogging questions

Consistently creating high-quality content helps increase website performance, allowing you to get more out of your digital marketing strategies. Giving visitors helpful information increases engagement, conversions, and leads. So how do you create quality, goal-oriented content? Effective blogging requires the right platform, scheduling, research, and more. You also need to craft compelling headlines and copy to keep your audience engaged. If you are ready to boost your digital marketing efforts, check out our answers to some of the most common questions about blogging.

The first step for creating a blog is to buy our ULTIMATE GUIDE ON HOW TO START A BLOG. Secondly, decide where to host it. If you plan on creating a business blog, you can use your existing domain and website. You may even be able to use the same platform used to build your business site.

Another option is to use a sub-domain connected to a separate platform. For example, you could use WordPress to build a blog site that matches the look of your business site and link to it from the main menu. For those without an existing site, you need to choose web hosting, a domain name, and a blogging platform.

Shared web hosting is often the most affordable option. However, if your blog starts attracting thousands of visitors per week, you may need to upgrade to dedicated server hosting or VPS hosting.

Most hosting plans also include free domain name registration for one year. When picking a name, remember to keep it simple. Use a short, memorable name that’s related to the topic of your blog posts.

You also need a blogging platform. While WordPress, Wix, and others offer easy-to-use dashboards and access to a variety of plugins, a custom solution can help you stand out from other blogs.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to write an engaging, helpful blog post. You just need to take the time to research, write and edit your content. A quality blog post should include the following characteristics:

  • Real value to readers

  • Easy-to-read content structure

  • Embedded images or video

  • No major grammar mistakes

Above all else, make sure that readers learn something from your blog post. Offering real value is how you connect with your readers, which is essential for growing your audience. You should also make your content readable. Try to use short sentences and paragraphs. You should also break up the content with subheadings and images or videos to make the page easier to scan.

After writing your content, check it for grammar mistakes. Using the built-in spellchecker in your word processing software should help catch most errors. However, it’s also a good idea to reread the post yourself. You may catch a few issues that help you improve the flow of the content.

Yes, You can always download your downloaded files

Most blogs feature a variety of formats, as some types of posts may work better with certain types of content. A few of the most common types of blog posts include:

  • Listicles

  • How-to articles

  • Reviews

  • Pillar pages

Listicles are blog posts containing a list of content. Listicles, such as this blog post, are useful for FAQs and making complex information easier to digest.

How-to articles provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete a task. Businesses may use how-to articles to instruct customers on how to use their products or services.

Reviews are often used by personal bloggers as a form of affiliate marketing. Product reviews explain the features, pros, and cons of specific products, helping readers make more informed buying decisions.

Pillar pages are used to demonstrate your knowledge on a topic, allowing you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Pillar pages are often lengthy posts with in-depth information that covers almost every aspect of a specific topic.

Coming up with ideas for new blog posts is one of the most challenging parts of blogging, especially when you first start creating content. Start by thinking about the type of blog, such as business or personal.

According to Wix, the most popular types of blogs in 2021 are food blogs, travel blogs, and health and fitness blogs. These types of blogs are typically personal blogs, written by someone who has experience with the topic. How-to articles and reviews are commonly used on personal blogs to share expertise.

Business blogs should include posts that are relevant to the industry and helpful to customers. Think about the types of questions that customers frequently ask. Address those questions using detailed blog posts. Sharing helpful information is one of the fundamental aspects of blogging.

No matter the type of blog, you can gain content ideas through a variety of sources, including social media and keyword research. Pay attention to social media activity related to your products or industry to find out what people are talking about. You can also use keyword research to discover the most popular search queries.

According to the experts, most small businesses publish new blog posts one to four times per week. The frequency of your schedule depends on what you think you can keep up with. For example, you shouldn’t try to publish four blogs per week unless you think you can consistently create at least four new posts per week.

Consistency is often more important compared to frequency. If you consistently post one new blog post each week, visitors become accustomed to your release schedule. Maintaining a consistent schedule is easier when scheduling the publication of new blogs in advance. Before you start posting, build up a reserve of blog posts to cover two to three weeks of new content.

For example, if you plan on publishing new content twice per week, create four to six blog posts and mark their publication dates on an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar allows you to keep your schedule organized, assign tasks to writers or editors, and come up with ideas for new posts.

Social media remains the best way to promote a blog in 2021. Over 50% of the world’s population actively uses at least one social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the big three that most businesses use to promote their blogs.

You can also use paid advertising to attract visitors. Paid ads offer instant results but tend to provide fewer conversions compared to social media traffic.

Blogging can provide a source of income for those who are willing to put in the work. You have a variety of options for monetizing your blog posts, including displaying advertisements on your site or promoting other products through affiliate marketing.

You should first release that most visitors will visit your site once and not come back. Across all industries, the average conversion rate is about 2.35%, which means that the typical page converts about 2.35 visitors out of 100.

Instead of attempting to convert visitors into customers, try to capture their email addresses. Give visitors quality content with the promise of continuing to deliver helpful information. For example, you can include an email newsletter sign-up form in a sidebar or the bottom of the blog post. Remind visitors that signing up ensures that they never miss out on your latest posts.

Measuring the effectiveness of a blog depends on your goals. If you want to increase brand awareness, you should pay attention to total visits. If you’re trying to gain customers, track conversion rates and social shares.

The bounce rate provides a general idea of whether people find your content helpful. A high bounce rate indicates that your blog may suffer from usability issues or a lack of quality content. If your blog posts have bounce rates above 50%, you may need to revise your content and check your site for errors.



My name is Ukeme Johnny A.K.A Johnnywriter, I help people like you copy my proven formula and make consistent reliable income online so you can work at home, be your own boss, and spend more time doing what you love (just like I do). 

My priority is to provide people around the world with useful tools and information, and for them to continuously revisit my websites, gave me great satisfaction and continued satisfaction. I spend my time growing about half a dozen authority sites, some of which average over 1,000,000 visits a month. Now, I want to pass on that knowledge to you.


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